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MeasureMate is a new way for lead generation and sales that will be used by our virtual agents to measure and quote all commercial and residential jobs for a client. This can be purchased as a stand-alone service to be utilized by business owners, or can be added on to the monthly bill for any current Bidslot answering service clients. Trust a trained team of virtual sales agents to accurately quote, schedule, and sell to your customers. We are a SALES CENTER!

What info we need to measure and quote:

Residential package

We can only work on your current customer list or people who have called you for information about your company for a quote and you retrieved their info. We do not do cold residential outreach.

Commercial package

We can work on your current customer list, but more so, cold outreach. Cold outreach, we can supply the list or you can. We pull fresh lists of the type of commercial work you would like to go after i.e. restaurants, hotels, nursing homes, hospitals, apartment complexes, property managers and much more. You can scrub the list and or approve list and we get to work right away.

Introducing MeasureMate:
Your Ultimate Measure to Quote/Sell Solution

Are you tired of the hassle of measuring and quoting for every commercial and residential job? Do you have the time to be consistent? Do you have time to assure your pipeline is full? At MeasureMate we believe people of accomplishment go out and make things happen! Meet MeasureMate, the revolutionary Measure to Quote service designed to streamline your lead generation and sales process. Our team of trained virtual agents is here to take the burden off your shoulders, providing accurate measurements and quotes for your clients. Save your gas and time and let MeasureMate quote and sell for you!

Key Features:

Effortless Lead Gen and Sales

Let our virtual agents handle the heavy lifting. With MeasureMate, you can focus on what you do best while we accurately measure, quote, and even schedule jobs for you. We will add the quotes directly in your CRM, you will also have access to the system we have created for all contacts we will quote.

Comprehensive Customer Info:

We gather all the necessary customer information, including address and contact details, ensuring we have everything we need to deliver a seamless service. Rest easy, knowing your customers are in good hands.

Property Size and Scope of Work

MeasureMate considers the size of the property and the scope of work to provide precise measurements and quotes. No more guesswork – just reliable information to help you make informed decisions.

Google Earth Accessibility

We leverage the power of Google Earth to enhance accuracy and efficiency. Accessible and user-friendly, our technology ensures a smooth process from start to finish.

Integrated with Bidslot

Already a Bidslot client? Great news! MeasureMate seamlessly integrates with Bidslot, enhancing your existing services. If you are an existing Bidslot client easily add MeasureMate for an additional fee. For new users, MeasureMate is also available as a stand-alone solution!

Residential Package:

If anything is blocking us from quoting on Google Earth, we can also look up on county assessor website and or send you out to quote. You will return pricing to us to continue follow up to close the deal.

Commercial Package:

If anything is blocking us from quoting on Google Earth, we can also look up on county assessor website and or send you out to quote. You will return pricing to us to continue follow up to close the deal.

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Our pricing structure is designed to cater to your needs. Choose from our flexible options:


Stand-Alone Service

Pay for MeasureMate as a separate, standalone service tailored to your business needs.


Add-On for Bidslot Clients

Add MeasureMate to your monthly Bidslot bill for seamless integration and enhanced capabilities.


Trust MeasureMate to transform your measure to quote process. Let us handle the details, so you can focus on closing deals and growing your business. Contact us today to elevate your lead gen and sales strategy with MeasureMate – the one and only solution you need!

Basic Package
"Starter Pack"

$ 550 Month
  • Customer Information Gathering:
    Address and contact details
  • Property Measurement
    Size of the property
    Basic scope of work
  • Google Earth Accessibility:
    Utilize Google Earth for enhanced accuracy
  • 5 quotes per week
  • Direct access to a dedicated MeasureMate account manager for personalized assistance.

Advanced Package
"Precision Plus"

$ 1050 Month
  • Customer Information Gathering:
    Address and detailed contact information.
  • Property Measurement:
    Size of the property with advanced scope of work details.
  • Google Earth Accessibility:
    Utilize advanced Google Earth features for precise measurements.
  • Integrated with Bidslot:
    Seamless integration with Bidslot for commercial clients.
  • Direct access to a dedicated MeasureMate account manager for personalized assistance.
  • 10 quotes per week

Premium Package
"Elite MeasureMate"

$ 1750 Month
  • Customer Information Gathering:
    Address and extensive contact details
  • Property Measurement:
    Comprehensive size measurement
    Detailed and customized scope of work.
  • Google Earth Accessibility:
    Advanced Google Earth features for maximum precision.
  • Integrated with Bidslot:
    Seamless integration with Bidslot for both residential and commercial clients.
  • Priority Delivery & Scheduling:
    Expedited turnaround time and priority scheduling.
  • Dedicated Account Manager:
    Direct access to a dedicated MeasureMate account manager for personalized assistance
  • 20 quotes per week

Note: Pricing is subject to change based on the volume of requests and specific client needs. Custom packages are available upon request. These tiered packages allow clients to choose the level of service that best fits their requirements and budget. It also provides an opportunity for upselling as clients can upgrade their packages as their business grows.

Experience Seamless Sales from Measurement to Close with MeasureMate:

Accurate Measurement

Our precision-driven approach ensures every measurement is spot-on, laying the foundation for a tailored quote that reflects the true scope of the project.

Tailored Quotes

Say goodbye to generic estimates. With MeasureMate, each quote is meticulously crafted to meet the specific needs of your clients, setting the stage for a compelling offer that resonates.

Timely Delivery

Swiftly delivered to your clients' inbox, our quotes are punctual and professional, leaving no room for doubt and instilling confidence in your services.

Proactive Follow

But our commitment doesn't stop there. We understand the importance of nurturing leads through the sales process. That's why our dedicated team follows up diligently, addressing any queries, overcoming objections, and guiding prospects seamlessly towards a successful close.

Closing the Deal

Armed with accurate measurements, tailored quotes, and proactive follow-up, closing deals becomes a breeze. With MeasureMate by your side, expect not just sales but lasting partnerships built on trust and reliability.


  • Live Call Answering Service 2
  • Live Call Answering Service

Yes, you will give us your price per sq ft for flatwork, building wash and more.

Yes, we are pleasantly persistent and will follow up until we close the deal for you each and every week.

Residential yes, commercial we can pull all lists and you can also supply lists. No price break if you supply the list.

If you sign up for services we will create your account the same day if your order is rec’d by 12 pm. If not, the next day, normal business hours only. We will pull the lists and send them to scrub within 2 business days of your purchase. After you approve the lists we will start sending quotes the next business day.

Powerwashing, window cleaning, carpet cleaning and janitorial services. If your industry is not listed, book a call and lets see if we can help you!

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