Appointment Setting

Each bid We Get For you is a potential customer that is interested in your services

  • Top Rated Appointment Setting Service
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Top Rated Appointment Setting Services

Our experienced team builds trust with prospective clients while promoting your products, services and solutions.

There is no contract, it is NOT month to month, you purchase a block whether guaranteed appointments, a block of calls or time. They will get a count down of either appointments or calls or even a block of time

The Benefits of having Our Appointment Setting Services


Lead Generation

Provide key business information and we do the rest. Calls are handled based on your specific instructions.

Lead generation is the process of attracting and identifying potential customers or leads for a product or service.

In cold calling, lead generation involves reaching out to individuals or businesses who may have an interest in your offering. This can be done through phone calls, emails, or other outreach methods. Bidslot has been making it happen since 2002! We are the pros at placing you in front of a potential buyer.


Lead Qualification

Gather business data and implement a focused sales approach tailored to your business.

Lead qualification is the process of evaluating and determining the level of interest, fit, and likelihood that a lead will become a paying customer.

During cold calls, lead qualification involves asking specific questions to understand the prospect's needs, budget, timeline, and decision-making authority. Qualifying leads helps prioritize efforts on prospects with the highest potential for conversion. When Bidslot pulls a list we pull the area you prefer, the type of contacts you prefer. Every campaign is completely customizable. You delete anything off the list you do not want calls, save the file and send it back to Bidslot to get on the phones for you. You can also provide a list (no price break if you do).


Close The Deal

All you have to do is pitch your service or perform your demo, and close the deal.

Closing the deal refers to the final steps in the sales process where a lead decides to make a purchase, and an agreement is reached.

Closing the deal in the context of cold calling involves successfully addressing any concerns, objections, or hesitations the prospect may have and convincing them to move forward with the next steps. This might include setting up an appointment, providing a demo of your services, or sending additional information. Bidslot is THE PRO when it comes to following up to close the deal. We do not leave any contact behind. Each and every type of contact already paying someone else for the type of service you offer is the perfect fit for you. We generate the interest after you quote. If you need help quoting, we do that too!


Appointment Setting

Appointment setting is the process of scheduling a meeting or appointment with a potential customer to further discuss your product or service.

In cold calling, appointment setting is a crucial step. Once a lead is qualified and shows interest, the goal is to secure a commitment for a more in-depth conversation, often through a scheduled meeting or call. This allows for a more detailed discussion about the prospect's needs and how your offering can meet those needs. Bidslot is THE PRO at appointment setting. As pioneers in the industry, being in business since 2002, we are the leaders and the perfect fit for all companies when it comes to appointment setting. We have basic campaigns and also offer effort campaigns based on our experience we get your foot in the door!


Follow-Up Calls

Follow-up calls involve contacting leads after the initial interaction to maintain engagement, address any remaining concerns, and move the sales process forward.

After the initial cold call and appointment setting, follow-up calls play a critical role. They allow you to nurture the relationship, provide additional information, and address any questions or objections that may have arisen. Follow-up calls are essential for building trust and increasing the likelihood of closing the deal. Bidslot is the leader when it comes to follow up calls. With a proven process that allows you to do what you are good and while Bidslot focuses on everyone you have ever given a price. We can also add follow up calls to any calling campaign. We do this because cold calling appointments often times require a lot of follow up. We can work on helping you close the deal and fill your gap to keep your schedule full.

How Bidslot Is Different than Other Appointment Setting Services.

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Working With Bidslot
IS Easy As 1-2-3

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Checkout What Our Clients Say.

Appointment Setting Service

Amazing team! I'm no where near organized or have all my ducks in a row, but they help me improve my business! I would be in a messy mud pit if it wasn't for them. if you expect miracle work then Bidslot is not for you. However, a great team that works with you like your business is theirs.. 100% go for them. FYI: they're just humans like us and trying their best.

Kay So –  Upstate Repair and Remodel

Appointment Setting Service

Bidslot Program has been just the help we needed, working behind the scenes to make sure our business stays relevant on social media. Since hiring Bidslot I'm happy to report that we have positive results such as more social media presence, more bookings and inquiries. I am truly excited to see what the future holds for our business with Bidslot working on our behalf!

Raygan France –  Memoirs Events & Catering

Appointment Setting Service

I have personally used Bidslot Program to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars. I highly recommend them without a doubt. They put my team in opportunities for them to close deals. Their service is worth 10x what April Dodson charges. The ability to get high quality, real time leads, puts you and your company at a distinct advantage from your competitors.

Russell Clark –  Clark Family Practice

Appointment Setting FAQS

  • Live Call Answering Service 2
  • Live Call Answering Service


(just needing an introduction via zoom, email or phone – we do that too)

(needing us to call your current customer database and cross sell? We do that too)


Bidslot can pull leads. It is included in a campaign. Our lead list will pull Company Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code – email on 30% of list and web address on 50% of the list. *# of contacts pulled is based on what campaign you purchase i.e. # of calls purchased or # of appointments purchased.

No, the day you pay us is the day your lead list will be pulled. We have not used the list to call for another company EVER!

Please watch these videos to see what campaign you should purchase.

Tier 1 –

Tier 2 –

Yes, you choose the area, city, towns and zip codes we will call.

No, coming from a service background we built this company around exclusivity.

You will get an instant email with the appointment details. You will also receive a daily report of all of the calls and the outcome of the calls.

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