What is BidSlot?

BidSlot is a business advertising service that arranges meetings between service providers and potential customers. Every campaign is personalized for your company and we will not lead you to a business that does not want you there. Your business services make your company special in its own way, and BidSlot designs a business advertising program to represent your company in the best possible way to your market.

Forward your schedule and availability we will make it happen!

How BidSlot works!

“The Absolute Best Way to Grow Your Business!”

This is more than our tagline or a boast to get you to buy something. This is how we view marketing. Let’s say you’re running a business, or you’re a particularly busy employee. Sometimes you’ve got deadlines to meet and you don’t have the time, resources, or manpower to actually do what you’re there to do.

This is Where We Come In

BidSlot is an office, your personal round-the-clock crack team of professionals that get the job done right the first time. Perhaps you’ve been here before or are coming for the first time. Maybe you’ve heard about us from someone else, saw the results of our work or stumbled on us from the mighty Internet, but one thing is for sure: you will be impressed. Your wallet may be impressed too. Don’t believe us? Let the work, and our clients, speak for themselves.

At BidSlot, we believe businesses are built upon the backs, hard-working folks. However, good management knows that it’s important to delegate when the going gets tough. When partnering with us, you will see for yourself what sets us apart.

  • We’re an experienced call center that you can trust.
  • We use only quality callers for clear communication.
  • You can maximize your business with a customized plan, built to your specifications.
  • We believe in highly competent structuring and partnerships to maximize efficiency in your business.
  • You will utilize the skills and strengths of service-based business professionals.


We work with a wide range of businesses. Here are just a sampling of the different industries we serve.

Bidslot is Proud to Partner With