Best of Bidslot: Blog Roundup

Bidslot Marketing Program not only works hard to help your company find sales leads, turn them into prospects, and make your sale; we do our best to provide you with informative, helpful, and uplifting content too! Our blog is written with you in mind—whether you are our customer, a fellow sales professional, or someone who is simply curious about the services we offer and how we can help businesses grow.

Since the Bidslot blog turned 2 years old this summer, we wanted to provide a roundup of our best blogs for you to revisit or read for the first time. Enjoy!

Blogs about Bidslot Services

1. Guaranteed Campaigns VS Effort Campaigns: What are They and How Can They Help You?
2. Appointment Setting: What is it and how can it help your company’s sales?

Blogs with Sales and Customer Care Tips

1. The Santa Slump: Tips for Keeping Sales Productive During the Holidays
2. Sales: It’s More Than Just a Word
3. What You Can Do: When Prospects Say “No”
4. Confidence is King: Opening Yourself Up to Becoming a Better Deal Closer
5. The Customer Comes First: Striving for Optimal Customer Service
6. Hello, Stranger: Networking for Business
7. Supercharge Your B2B Lead Generation
8. Sun and Sales: Keeping Your Business Successful This Summer
9. Hide and Seek? Try Find and Sell: Securing Sales Opportunities
10. Spring Cleaning: Performing a Business Sales Audit
11. Hello, is it Me You’re Looking For? And Other Follow Up Calls
12. 5 Tips for Finding New Customers
13. Finding Success in Sales: Becoming a Purpose-Oriented Sales Professional
14. Your Company’s Lifelife: Building Customer Relationships
15. Troubleshooting Sales: Tips for Improving Your Sales Issues
16. How to Find and Hire a Great Sales Manager
17. Setting Smart Sales Goals to Drive Growth
18. Setting Sail for Successful Sales Calls
19. Summer Sales: How to Heat Up instead of Fizzle Out
20. First Contact: The Differences Between Contacting Prospects and Getting Contacted by Potential Customers
21. Long Live the Telephone: Why Cold Calling Isn’t Dead

Blogs for Inspiration, Health, and Wellness

1. Finding a Way to Succeed: No Matter What
2. Negativity and Doubt: The Bane of Success
3. The Wellness Chain: Self-Care for Improved Client Care
4. The Wellness Chain: Taking Care of Employees to Take Care of Clients
5. Contract Employees: Avoiding Burnout for Improved Happiness & Productivity
6. Saying VS Doing: Why Action is More Important Than Intention
7. Dealing with Life’s Curveballs
8. Seeing is Believing: Clarity within the Workplace
9. Value in Simplicity: Revel in Ordinary, Strive for Extraordinary
10. Encouragement: Finding a Way to Make it Happen
11. Overcoming Challenges as a Small Business Owner
12. Bigger Isn’t Always Better: Learning to be a Key Player in Your Own Game
13. Attracting Positivity Through Action

Which blogs are your favorite? Let us know in the comments!